About Me

ZW Zeno Watson-3036-2 I am a life photographer from Glasgow, UK.

What is a life photographer? I photograph personal and commercial projects.
I capture moments of wonder and interesting people, going about their living adding value to their life or their business.

I have always been an artistic and creative individual, and whilst I really enjoy my commercial photography. I am always working on personal projects too. I believe in pushing myself out my comfort zone on a regular bases to keep my work fresh. For personal work I believe everyone deserves at least one great photo to be taken of them, to cherish, to look back on and to feel proud of. Whether you as an individual, family or lifestyle.  Invest in having your photos professionally taken. And resulting in printed photographs saying this is who I am.

When it comes to commercial work I have enjoyed the challenges that have been placed before me, working in fast paced environments, near pitch black conditions with or without flash and still delivering what my client wants. Whether it is an event, product shots or location, I will help to strengthen your brand and internet content. If you are interested in having your portrait or photos taken in an environment that defines you.

Whether the photos are adding value to your own brand portfolio or for personal use, then please contact by filling in the quick and easy form below or by EMAIL: hello@zenowatson.com 

I am currently working on my first book, that will showcase the life I see on the Streets of Glasgow.  

If you would like to contact me:

INTERVIEWED BY: Eric Kim , Dom Bower , Edge of Humanity Magazine

MY SOCIAL NETWORK LINKS:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


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