It has been a busy period of work, here part one of my highlights.


Corner Stone AM  Event at Blythswood Square Hotel.

CornerstoneAM (MedRes)-6577CornerstoneAM (MedRes)-6547-2CornerstoneAM (MedRes)-6460CornerstoneAM (MedRes)-6444CornerstoneAM (MedRes)-6443CornerstoneAM (MedRes)-6364CornerstoneAM (MedRes)-6308CornerstoneAM (MedRes)-6467


Sarah Haran at Jenners, Edinburgh

Sarah Haran Jenners MedRes-7480Sarah Haran Jenners MedRes-7523Sarah Haran Jenners MedRes-7648Sarah Haran Jenners MedRes-7655Sarah Haran Jenners MedRes-7671Sarah Haran Jenners MedRes-7702Sarah Haran Jenners MedRes-7733Sarah Haran Jenners MedRes-7793

Lynne Kennedy M.B.E (Business Women Scotland) (Sarah Haran Interview)

Lynne Kennedy (MedRes)-8006Lynne Kennedy (MedRes)-7977Lynne Kennedy (MedRes)-7911


Sarah Haran (New luxury Handbag range shoot)

Sarah Haran (Carousel)--6Sarah Haran (Carousel)--18Sarah Haran (Carousel)-8629

If you are interesting in hiring me for a styled photo shoot please contact me, by tapping here

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