Partick is an area in Glasgow, where I grew up as a kid in the ’70s and ’80s. Once a quiet a village town of Mills, then became a bustling burgh when Ship building on the Clyde was the main occupation. Partick became part of Glasgow, as the City expanded. Today Partick is hot pot of cultures, and still retains it’s colourful characters, humour and warmth.

I have been documenting Partick almost every week since 2018. Pre Covid, through Lockdown and heading to post Covid.

Partick has allowed me to return to my photography roots of Street Photography and Street Portraiture.

I even had an Partick Exhibition in Glasgow City Centre in 2019

Below is a small selection of my favourites, while others I am saving for a future book. (you may need to swipe or press an arrow on certain devices, to see all the photos).

I have kept back certain photos during Covid Lockdown, as those photos are part of another project, and will be kept back for a future exhibition.

All these photos are shot out of my love for Partick and it’s people.

If you are interested in using any of these photos or hiring me for a Photo Shoot, I can be contacted by Tapping Here

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