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“Blueprint” Directed and devised by David Banks

Photography by Zeno Watson


Performed and devised by:

Nina Ballantyne Dawson Scott, Iain McDonald, Sam McFarlane, Connor McIlraith, Holly Waller, Fiona Boyd & Scott McKenzie

Strong Spirits

February 3, 2013 § 10 Comments

This is a small video I made, documenting the Parkour Practioners, training near ground level at Anderson Annex in Glasgow. By having a strong spirit and working on repetition, enables the practioners to perfect their technical skills before taking it higher.

Film and Photography by Zeno Watson


Below are some of my photographs from the on-line film.

IMG_1075 IMG_1084 IMG_1088 IMG_1096 IMG_1098 IMG_1148 IMG_1153 IMG_1154 IMG_1169

Glasgow Parkour Girls

January 26, 2013 § 2 Comments

Below are some of my most recently captured photos of  the Girls Parkour Class, that Glasgow Parkour Coaching teach.

These young woman train hard in the freezing cold night, but their strong spirit, bond as a team and determination to improve their physical and mental strength is to be admired.

Glasgow Parkour Girls Glasgow Parkour Girls Glasgow Parkour Girls Glasgow Parkour Girls

For more of my photography work I do for Glasgow Parkour Coaching, please check out their Tumblr Page. If you are interested in learning Parkour regardless of age, gender or fitness experience check out Glasgow Parkour Coaching page.

If you are interested in me capturing your hobby, lifestyle or what you do for a living. I am available for hire, contact me at 


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Below are some of the most recent photos, I have taken for Glasgow Parkour Coaching.


IMG_9979 IMG_2859 IMG_0208-3

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