Fun with the INSSTRO X6 LED Tube Light

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I’ve always wanted to try out an LED RGB light tube/stick and this one from INSSTRO came in at the right size and price.

I am currently working on a long-term project and will now include this light tube as part of my lighting tools alongside my strobe lights. I love the idea that this light-weight LED tube can be screwed onto a light-stand or tripod and can also magnetically stick to metal objects. Such as the photo below, where it magnetically stuck to the footbridge to provide fill to my face, whilst using sunlight as a rim on my back.

The crisp white light is ideal for my film noir style of shooting, with varying levels of brightness.

There are lightning effects and RGB colour options as well, that enable me to set the mood of the shoot or just get really creative too. The USB type-C charger is handy for charging from various fixed and mobile power points.

In the photo above I simply placed the light tube behind me, facing the wall. I plan to have more creative fun with the colour options.

I have attached some of the photos with a shot including the light tube, to reveal the light setup. And a crop shot, to show final image.

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