Sarah Haran photo shoot AW2019

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Below is a mixture of behind the scenes and a small selection of photos I done for Luxury Handbag Designer Sarah Haran.


SarahHaran BTS By Zeno Watson-0010278SarahHaran BTS By Zeno Watson-0010275SarahHaran BTS By Zeno Watson-0010272SarahHaran BTS By Zeno Watson-0010260SarahHaran BTS By Zeno Watson-0010282SarahHaran BTS By Zeno Watson-0010286SarahHaran BTS By Zeno Watson-0010288SarahHaran BTS By Sarah Haran-0010307SarahHaran BTS By Sarah Haran-0010301


SH Day 1 (MedRes)-6424SH Day 1 (MedRes)-6435SH Day 1 (MedRes)-6524SH Day 1 (MedRes)-6541SH Day 1 (MedRes)-6586SH Day 1 (MedRes)-6600SH Day 1 (MedRes)-6765SH Day 1 (MedRes)-6770SH Day 1 (MedRes)-6787SH Day 1 (MedRes)-6853

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