Super busy

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I have been super busy this Summer and cannot complain. Below is a mixture of personal and commercial work.

I had a real rare pleasure photographing Photographer, Director and Chancellor David Eustace at his house in Edinburgh. From the minute he opened the door to saying goodbye, he was a total Gentlemen. David gave me free reign of his house and let me do my thing, not once suggesting this or that. It made me respect David even more.

I am working on a long term project of top Scottish figureheads in the arts, culture and entertainment industry and David is up there on a global level.

I went with two setups. One with natural light beaming into David Eustace’s hallway. The second was a three speed light setup.

DE BY ZW-6455David Eustace By Zeno Watson-6448

With Glasgow having a couple of real sunny days, it was a real pleasure to shoot a lot of property for DJ Alexander. With such examples as below:

At the beginning of July, I finally got to meet and photograph Bill Wilson. We have known each other online (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) for a short while. And we both got the time in our hectic schedules to go ahead with a portrait shoot. Bill is stylish charismatic, creative and a businessman. To me a fantastic quality combination. For this shoot, I used a 32″ Westcott Rapid Duo softbox.

Bill Wilson by Zeno Watson-6695-2Bill Wilson by Zeno Watson-6690-2Bill Wilson by Zeno Watson-6680-2

I have a photo shoot for a client later in the year, and wanted to nail some test shots. I used myself as the test subject and practice various combinations. I photographer should always be practising and innovating. I had fun creating this scene below from a boring grey overcast car park to something vivid and cinematic. I used gels on my lighting to achieve this look.

Self Portrait By Zeno Watson-

As a photographer is pays to always carry a camera with you. And when I don’t have my large DSLR camera on me, I will always have my trusty Ricoh GR. One of the mornings I was out early. It was amazing fog and the sun was beginning to rise in Glasgow. I had to quickly park the car and capture it.

Townhead by Zeno Watson-6786

It was great to catch up with fellow photographer Peter McNally, as we have some future plans on a Glasgow Project. I could not resist capturing a portrait of Peter, as he has done the same for me over the years. I think Peter McNally looks superb in this shot below.

Peter McNally By Zeno Watson-6904-2

Time to leave Glasgow now, and head up north to the Highlands of Scotland. I needed to scout a couple of locations up there in the magical lands. I also photographed a few of the the more touristy places for my own, as the ever changing light and colours was a feast for the eyes and soul.

Highlands By Zeno Watson-7170Highlands By Zeno Watson-7198Highlands By Zeno Watson-7153

Back to my home city of Glasgow, and hired by Chris Grant of Parkour Generations Glasgow. We did some head shots and lots of action shots. Below is just a taster, as photos will be released throughout the year. If you are in Glasgow, and would love to learn Parkour, check out Chris Grant’s Parkour classes.

Chris Grant (MedSize)-6911-2Chris Grant (MedSize)-6958-2Chris Grant (MedSize)-7020-2

From outside to inside now working with talented Sarah Haran of VVA, for an event “An Evening of Style” in Glasgow’s Gusto Restaurant. I have shot many events, and feel at home photographing interesting people enjoying a good night.

VVA Gusto-7248-2VVA Gusto-7315VVA Gusto-7333VVA Gusto-7406VVA Gusto-7447VVA Gusto-7537VVA Gusto-7548

It is nice now and then to come out of my little bubble, and see what else is happening out there. So when i got an invite from Simon Murphy to his exhibition in Govanhill Baths, I went along and really enjoyed it. Simon Murphy’s work was strong and memorable with the Photographic prints on the wall in each bath cubical.

Govanhill Baths Exhibition-0006070SM Govanhill-0006073

So what is next?

Well there have been meetings had for future shoots, so watch this space. In the meantime this envelope came through my door…

2017-08-07 17.30.35

If you would like to contact/hire me, please tap here


Busy two months

March 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

I have not posted any new work, but have been busy. I was commissioned at the beginning of the the year by D.J Alexander to capture characteristics of Glasgow and it’s surrounding neighbourhoods. The weather has been awful, but forced me to be creative, as well as bring all my photography experience to the table. I have spent February and March capturing photos from various neighbourhoods, covering culture, leisure, architecture and street photography.

Below is just a photo to give you a flavour of what I have been photographing, as the deadline is near, in case you were wondering why I was so quiet.


Partick by Zeno Watson

Partick by Zeno Watson

Back to my roots

November 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I went back to my photographic roots, with Architectural photography. To the same place it all began some 13+ years ago with my old film SLR, but this time with my Digital SLR. On a very similar type of winter’s day, of cold clear winter sunshine. That rich golden light, with long shadows due to the Sun’s low position in the sky during winter in Glasgow, Scotland.

I am very fortunate to be a paid freelance photographer, but it also nice to just get out and capture photos for myself, with gorgeous natural light and no pressure. I count myself lucky, that on a day off from work, I still love to go out and shoot photos, with the same passion, care and attention.

I have posted below some photographs from yesterday.


IMG_9584 IMG_9590 IMG_9603 IMG_9622 IMG_9625 IMG_9631 IMG_9635 IMG_9643

Bluevale and Whitevale High Rise

January 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Making the most of the one day of thick fog we had in Glasgow, taking a risk for the love of photography.

Bluevale and Whitevale High Rise 2 Bluevale and Whitevale High Rise Whitevale High Rise

I love thick fog, it adds an atmosphere. I have been waiting a few years to get these shots, as we don’t have fog all that regularly in Glasgow, plus I had to travel to these flats. I find the Whitevale and Bluevale high rise flats intimidating twin structures at the best of times, but thought even more so in the fog. These unique high rise flats are the tallest in Scotland and are due to be pulled down in the future. The area is quite a notorious one, although there are new regeneration plans underway.

I originally took my inspiration from the computer game “Limbo” and wanted work with form and fog light.


Inspiration from “Limbo” game.

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