Streets of Partick

January 19, 2019 § 2 Comments

My current long-term project is the Streets of Partick. Returning to streets where I grew up as a kid in the 70s and 80s.

partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008131partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008130partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008120partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008015partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008009partick 2018 by zeno watson-0007967partick 2018 by zeno watson-0007954partick 2018 by zeno watson-0007953partick 2018 by zenowatson-0007917partick 2018 by zeno watson-0007825partick2018 by zenowatson-0007800partick2018 by zenowatson-0007722partick2018 by zenowatson-0007713partick2018 by zenowatson-0007598partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008019partick2018 by zenowatson-0007717partick 2018 by zeno watson-0007935

Due to this being an ongoing project, photos will be added and removed through time.


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Streets of Glasgow

March 15, 2017 § Leave a comment

Some more of my photography from the Streets of Glasgow.

ZW StreetsOfGlasgow-5485ZW StreetsOfGlasgow-5058ZW StreetsOfGlasgow-3631ZW StreetsOfGlasgow-3582ZW StreetsOfGlasgow-0001474ZW StreetsOfGlasgow-0001776ZW_Glasgow Streets-2784ZW_Glasgow Streets-2843ZW_ Streets of Glasgow

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Been busy

October 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

I have not posted recently, as I have been busy the past few weeks. Here is a little peek into the what I have been doing.

Property Photography




Above are just some of the property shots I have been for DJ Alexander


Product Photography

I was through in Edinburgh shooting the furniture made for Edinburgh University Students Accommodation by Godfrey Syrett

I also travelled through to Stirling as well, for their installation of Student office furniture at Stirling university.


Also with regards to Product photography. I photographed jewellery for a designer called Nuberu for their up new website, which is about to go live soon. Below is just some of their fine pieces.


Event Photography

I have shot many events, but I was very fortunate to photograph a 50th Wedding Anniversary, which are very rare and very special. It was a full day at the stunning grounds of Crossbasket Castle. I photographed the lovely couple and amazing large family formally and candidly. Below is a small section of photographs, as i will be posting a more in depth page to this special day.



Portrait Photography

I was happy to finally meet in person and do a portrait shoot with Bryan Espie. This fine man is always on the move somewhere globally, and Bryan this time was just back from the Falkland Islands. We did our shoot in Glasgow.


It was a present surprise to be contacted from Barcelona by Veronica Baron a beautiful model. Where we did a little shoot together, during her visit to Glasgow.



Street Photography

Being busy with the commercial side of photography it was also nice to get out on the Streets of Glasgow.



I also popped down to Blackpool for some great Street photography too.

Blackpool By ZenoWatson-0004365Blackpool-9890Blackpool-0004151Blackpool-0004395Blackpool-0004535Blackpool-0004496Blackpool-0004167Blackpool-9905


Television work

I was on the opposite side of the camera, albeit TV cameras, working with the BBC, for an up and coming show next year. It was a fun and photography related and that is all I am allowed to say for the time being.



Thank you for taking the time to look.

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June 16, 2016 § Leave a comment

Some of my photography work from my dearly loved Glasgow. A cultural community, a hot pot of characters, creatives and professionals.


CatchTheBus By ZenoWatson-0003072

Night lights By Zeno Watson_4240.jpgDeadInTheAlleyway_ ZenoWatson-0001003-3PhotoByZenoWatson-0000997PhotoByZenoWatson-5928R0001063IMG_1098Pigeons IMG_0342SP By ZenoWatson-8125SP By ZenoWatson-8065RedRoadFlats by Zeno Watson-2895

TheFog by Zeno Watson-0003290

Old Clyde Docks By Zeno Watson-8126Partick By Zeno Watson-1086

For FF Magazines By Zeno Watson-0000916

SP GLA By Zeno Watson-0917

Sunny Glasgow By Zeno Watson-6541

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Some Street Photography from Glasgow

July 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

SP By ZenoWatson-8076 SP By ZenoWatson-8125 SP By ZenoWatson-8065

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Glasgow in the Rain

May 10, 2015 § 2 Comments

While waiting for sunny weather to complete my commission in Edinburgh, I thought I would post some recent photos of Glasgow in the Rain.

GlasgowRain ZenoWatson-0002211 GlasgowRain ZenoWatson-0002201 GlasgowRain ZenoWatson-0002184 GlasgowRain ZenoWatson-0002179 GlasgowRain-ZenoWatson-0002141 ZenoWatson Droplets-0002125

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On the Streets of Glasgow

January 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

Some of my most recent Street Photography, from Glasgow.

R0001533 R0001466 R0001358 R0001151

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