Below are are a sample of Street Photography shots, that I have taken recently.

ZenoWatson (Instagram)-0001579-2 ZenoWatson (Instagram)-5954 DeadInTheAlleyway_ ZenoWatson-0001003-3


ZenoWatson (Instagram)-0001326 PhotoByZenoWatson-5951 ZenoWatson (Instagram)-5944 PhotoByZenoWatson-5928 ZenoWatson (Instagram)-5921 R0001063 PhotoByZenoWatson-0000997 PhotoByZenoWatson-0000916 R0000826 R0000624


Thank you for taking the time to look.

3 Replies to “Recent Street Photography”

    1. Hi Polly, it happens to us all. There is nothing wrong with taking a short break, or photographing something else. However if you just need a wee jump start. You can look at some great artists on line.

      You could write out a small list of themes or even a new short/mid/long term project to work on. It could be in your area or in another village, town or city. Other ideas could be photography that really fires your emotions be it positive or negative.

      I hope that helps!


      1. Thanks Zeno! I’ve been instagramming but I need to get back out on the streets… I like the idea of a project. Thank you. Will also be checking out some other streettogs’ work! Cheers, Polly

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