Streets of Partick

January 19, 2019 § 2 Comments

My current long-term project is the Streets of Partick. Returning to streets where I grew up as a kid in the 70s and 80s.

partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008131partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008130partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008120partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008015partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008009partick 2018 by zeno watson-0007967partick 2018 by zeno watson-0007954partick 2018 by zeno watson-0007953partick 2018 by zenowatson-0007917partick 2018 by zeno watson-0007825partick2018 by zenowatson-0007800partick2018 by zenowatson-0007722partick2018 by zenowatson-0007713partick2018 by zenowatson-0007598partick 2019 by zeno watson-0008019partick2018 by zenowatson-0007717partick 2018 by zeno watson-0007935

Due to this being an ongoing project, photos will be added and removed through time.


For more my Street Photography please see my Instagram Page

If you are interesting in hiring me for a styled photo shoot please contact me, by tapping here

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The Nikki Oji Photoshoot

June 3, 2018 § Leave a comment

I had the pleasure in photographing the super stylish Nikki Oji Wears, in the City Centre of Glasgow. The vibrant Nikki just glowed against to blonde sandstone of Glasgow’s Architecture.


Nikki Oji By Zeno Watson-5010Nikki Oji By Zeno Watson-5013Nikki Oji By Zeno Watson-5022Nikki Oji By Zeno Watson-5045Nikki Oji By Zeno Watson-5056-2Nikki Oji By Zeno Watson-5060Nikki Oji By Zeno Watson-5103-2Nikki Oji By Zeno Watson-5153Nikki Oji By Zeno Watson-5146

Nikki Oji’s Webpage: Nikki Oji Wears

Nikki Oji’s Instagram: nikkiojiwears

Thank you to Nikki for being such a professional and allowing the photoshoot to be fun and easy going. If you are interesting in hiring me for a style photo shoot please contact me, by tapping here

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Some of my Event Photography

March 21, 2018 § Leave a comment

One of my my key skills in Photography apart from portraiture, is events!

Below is a small sample of my work from various events I have been hired to capture.

IMG_20180317_154008_701A “Sonica” evening by @cryptic_glasgow with the Bafta winner Sven Werner

IMG_20180315_220324_993From another one of Cryptic’s Sonica projects, with laser artist Jack Wrigley.

IMG_20180309_090847_442Selected shots of my photography from “An Evening of Style” with Sarah Haran of VVA Handbags in the great setting at @gustorestaurants Glasgow.

IMG_20180308_085000_290Staying in the Restaurant environment, this selected set of photos was from The Stag & Thistle in Stewarton from one of their themed menu events.


After the former Roxborghe Hotel in Edinburgh had a 24 million refurbishment and became The Principal at Charlotte Square. I was hired by the one and only YOURgb EVENTS LTD to photograph this was from a fantastic 7 hour launch party!


My Event photography covers various corporate and business events. Also Wedding’s, Engagement’s, Birthday’s and communion. If you are interested in hiring me for you event please contact me, by tapping here

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Snowfall in Scotstoun

March 1, 2018 § Leave a comment

Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-3936Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-3949Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-3965Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-3979Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4001Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4014Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4020Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4023Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4029Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4046Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4052Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4078Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4095Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4142Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4176Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4208Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4222Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4231Snowfall in Scotstoun By Zeno Watson-4262


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Botanic Garage

February 17, 2018 § Leave a comment

Anyone who lives in Glasgow’s West-End would know this Art Deco landmark. The Botanic Garage. It was completed around 1911 and around the late 1990s it finally closed it’s doors to cars for good.
I was lucky to be one of few to see inside the building. It was like a time capsule, untouched for almost two decades. I have had these images sitting on my hard-drive for almost 7 years, and now deciding to show them.

Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3772Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3757Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3743Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3731Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3747Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3740Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3738Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3739Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3765Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3762Botanic Garage By Zeno Watson-3730


Please do not use photos without my permision

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Exposure Exhibition

February 9, 2018 § Leave a comment

I am looking forward to being part of, and displaying an exhibition of my “Strong Spirits” Parkour Photography.

Exposure 11Feb2017 Glasgow

EXPOSURE: Exploring Glasgow’s Underground Through a Lens

11th February 2018 // 5pm-10pm
The Old Hairdressers, 27 Renfield Lane, Glasgow.

Non ticket just an Entry fee: £1
All Proceeds will be donated to charity.

A pop-up, one-day exhibition which focuses on local talented photographers showing unique and innovative perspectives of the city of Glasgow through their lenses. We argue that “Underground Makes Glasgow” – that is the celebration of the different, the unseen, along with varying other aspects of the city which are not commonly witnessed.


The night was a great success with an attendance of 335.


Big thanks to @smurph77 for the photo magic in the group shot. Thank you to all who attended. Thank you to my Parkour family, my Photography peers, good friends and Instagram friends who took the time to visit and say hi.

The Gasworks

January 28, 2018 § Leave a comment

Exploring one of Glasgow’s oldest Gasworks.

Gasometers By Zeno Watson-1533Gasometers By Zeno Watson-1553Gasometers By Zeno Watson-1605Gasometers By Zeno Watson-1612

Gasworks By Zeno Watson-1651Gasometers By Zeno Watson-1629Gasometers By Zeno Watson-1643Gasometers By Zeno Watson-1649Gasometers By Zeno Watson-1717

Gasworks By Zeno Watson-0911Gasometers By Zeno Watson-1819Love Glasgow - By Zeno Watson-0006292



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Strong Spirits | Royal Wedding Party | Gartloch Asyslum

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