Yesterday I went back to my photographic roots, with Architectural photography. To the same place it all began some 13+ years ago with my old film SLR, but this time with my Digital SLR. On a very similar type of winter’s day, of cold clear winter sunshine. That rich golden light, with long shadows due to the Sun’s low position in the sky during winter in Glasgow, Scotland.

I am very fortunate to be a paid freelance photographer, but it also nice to just get out and capture photos for myself, with gorgeous natural light and no pressure. I count myself lucky, that on a day off from work, I still love to go out and shoot photos, with the same passion, care and attention.

I have posted below some photographs from yesterday.


IMG_9584 IMG_9590 IMG_9603 IMG_9622 IMG_9625 IMG_9631 IMG_9635 IMG_9643

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