Listening to music while shooting.

The power of music.

Quite often I will listen to music on my headphones while walking and capturing photos from the street. I feel it can set a tone and helps me get into a deep zone of thought. I specifically have a playlist on my MP3 player, that plays a set list of songs which captures the mood of the streets and enhances my minds eye.

The genres of music on my playlist are generally genres I only listen to, when involved in photography. Again the reason for this is to help me zone in, when I hear it I think photography… I listen to a gamut of genres in everyday life, but when involved in photography I will listen to Jazz, trip-hop, acoustic & funk.

Do you listen to music when shooting? Or do you find it a distraction or even dangerous?

I would be interested in your thoughts and recommendations.

2 Replies to “Listening to music while shooting.”

  1. I agree that music can help me to get into a certain mood. It can also help me build up some courage because the music makes me less aware of the sound of shutter/mirror slapping.

    But I seldom listen to music when I’m shooting street… I find the loud music on my earphone detach me from the surrounding.

    I prefer to play music in my head instead… sometimes even humming. It just feels better :D…

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