November and December was fantastic and varied. From a commissioned model shoot, an event shoot, street photography to portrait photography and a product shoot. Each shoot calling on different skills and specialist gear.

Model shoot with Christian Brown

Chris Brown By Zeno Watson-0901Chris Brown By Zeno Watson-0935Chris Brown By Zeno Watson-0932Chris Brown By Zeno Watson-1031Chris Brown By Zeno Watson-1048Chris Brown By Zeno Watson-0981Chris Brown By Zeno Watson-0989

Below are some of the highlights from Cornerstone AM (Woman’s Golf Event)

Big thank you to Sarah Haran hiring me to do a Lifestyle shoot for Sarah’s Journal, with Rhona Baillie CEO of the The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice, Glasgow.

Rhona Baillie By Zeno Watson-0126Rhona Baillie By Zeno Watson-0142Rhona Baillie By Zeno Watson-0104Rhona Baillie By Zeno Watson-0069

Once more I had the privilege to be working with Sarah Haran. This time on a product shoot of her new Handbags.

Sarah Haran By Zeno Watson-1581Sarah Haran By Zeno Watson-1539Sarah Haran By Zeno Watson-1609Sarah Haran By Zeno Watson-1557Sarah Haran By Zeno Watson-1588Sarah Haran By Zeno Watson-1590Sarah Haran By Zeno Watson-1594

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