It has been a busy couple of months, and I thought I would update you with what I have been up to.

Below are just a brief selection of photos from a collection, belonging to a beautiful wedding shoot I was hired to do. The couple liked my candid style and asked if most of their wedding could be captured candidly and to tell a story.

I captured the whole day from both couples getting prepared.

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3089 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3096JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3154

The Wedding ceremony.

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3176

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3199JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3220

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3235 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3264

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3434 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3460JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3473

As well as capturing the magic candidly, I did do the formal group shots, and tried my best to make it a fun and painless experience and not me taking over.

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3488 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3489 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3497 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3504

It was an honour to be trusted in my style of photography for this couples wedding. And I hope in years to come the will look through their wedding album, and all the emotions, memories and stories come racing back.JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3545 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3579

I feel it is important when I am capturing photos at a wedding, that I am unobtrusive. To let people just be themselves and capture that moment in time.

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3663

If you wish to hire me, you can contact me via email. Please click here

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