Some of my Event Photography

March 21, 2018 § Leave a comment

One of my my key skills in Photography apart from portraiture, is events!

Below is a small sample of my work from various events I have been hired to capture.

IMG_20180317_154008_701A “Sonica” evening by @cryptic_glasgow with the Bafta winner Sven Werner

IMG_20180315_220324_993From another one of Cryptic’s Sonica projects, with laser artist Jack Wrigley.

IMG_20180309_090847_442Selected shots of my photography from “An Evening of Style” with Sarah Haran of VVA Handbags in the great setting at @gustorestaurants Glasgow.

IMG_20180308_085000_290Staying in the Restaurant environment, this selected set of photos was from The Stag & Thistle in Stewarton from one of their themed menu events.


After the former Roxborghe Hotel in Edinburgh had a 24 million refurbishment and became The Principal at Charlotte Square. I was hired by the one and only YOURgb EVENTS LTD to photograph this was from a fantastic 7 hour launch party!


My Event photography covers various corporate and business events. Also Wedding’s, Engagement’s, Birthday’s and communion. If you are interested in hiring me for you event please contact me, by tapping here

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Wedding Shoot

October 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

It has been a busy couple of months, and I thought I would update you with what I have been up to.

Below are just a brief selection of photos from a collection, belonging to a beautiful wedding shoot I was hired to do. The couple liked my candid style and asked if most of their wedding could be captured candidly and to tell a story.

I captured the whole day from both couples getting prepared.

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3089 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3096JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3154

The Wedding ceremony.

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3176

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3199JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3220

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3235 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3264

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3434 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3460JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3473

As well as capturing the magic candidly, I did do the formal group shots, and tried my best to make it a fun and painless experience and not me taking over.

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3488 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3489 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3497 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3504

It was an honour to be trusted in my style of photography for this couples wedding. And I hope in years to come the will look through their wedding album, and all the emotions, memories and stories come racing back.JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3545 JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3579

I feel it is important when I am capturing photos at a wedding, that I am unobtrusive. To let people just be themselves and capture that moment in time.

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3663

If you wish to hire me, you can contact me via email. Please click here

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