The photos below are from two photo shoots that Scott Houston commissioned me to do, for his up and coming portfolio website.

Scott Houston is an amazing talent who has worked extremely hard too to achieve a high level movements he performs.

Scott is a physical theatre artist, ADAPT Level 2 certified Professional Parkour Coach & Performer, Gymnast, Stuntman, Screen Fighter and Choreographer.

Be sure to check out Scott’s website: and also on twitter @iamscotthouston if you are interested in hiring/contacting him.

If you are interested me doing photography work that captures you or your family. Maybe what you do for a living or a hobby, whether it is for your website, portfolio or just a photo shoot to captures you doing what you do best! An important fact that you want to professionally preserve that moment for yourself or to show others, then please contact me and we can come to an arrangement. I can be contacted at

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