The Photographic Portrait by Robin Gillanders (book review)

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I have been doing more and more Portrait work recently, and a book I purchased earlier in the year, that got me thinking about my approach and execution of a worthy Portrait, is “The Photographic Portrait by Robin Gilanders.

In Robin Gilanders book he explains and demonstrates through his fine photography, what separates a good strong, revealing Portrait from what would be just a regular snapshot. Robin covers in depth from various formal and informal portraits, what really is the true essence of a particular group of people or a photo of one person. He makes you think what defines that person from their environment, their belongings and the way they should pose.

As well as many theories on what makes a Portrait, Robin explains various lighting set-ups, from available light to using flash.

It is when you weight up the subject and inspect the elements you have – the coming together of person/s, lighting, perspective, medium chosen, environment and pose. You really do realise what makes up Portrait of essence compared to regular snapshot. However their are times when a snapshot can reveal more about the person, but you will have to buy his book to find out.

This fine book has the perfect balance of theory, illustrated set-ups, contact sheets and final photos from Robin Gillanders body of work.

The Photographic Portrait by Robin Gillanders
Hardcover: 144 pages (English)
Publisher: David & Charles
ISBN-10: 0715316516
ISBN-13: 978-0715316511

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