This was another one of those strong gut feeling projects I felt compelled to do. So I drove 3 hours down to Blackpool, England. To just shoot street photography and head back home to Glasgow that evening.

All I can say, it lived up to my expectation and pre-visualizations, and I love Blackpool for the high amount of characters young and mature, just amazing!

Music plays a big part in my pre-visualization, where I listen to music that relates to a given project and I day dream, of scenarios, ideas and possible types of people. And once I arrive, I pop on the earphones and play my MP3 playlist of music to help me get into the zone while capturing photos. I even passed through the Blackpool Ballroom, and shot in my usual street style. It had to be done as I was listening to a lot of the late Reginald Dixon on the iPod.

Below is some of the Blackpool flavour I managed to photograph.

IMG_6829IMG_6847IMG_6905IMG_6612-2Blackpool By ZenoWatson-5313IMG_6636IMG_6653-2IMG_6776IMG_5108IMG_5228-3Blackpool By ZenoWatson-5135Blackpool By ZenoWatson-5290Blackpool By ZenoWatson-5347IMG_5113-2Blackpool By ZenoWatson-5141

I also decided to capture the sounds as well as the sights.

After a small hiatus I managed to back down to Blackpool. I was even fortunate this time to go for a whirlwind photo walk with another talented photographer Dawn Mander.




Blackpool By ZenoWatson-0004268Blackpool By ZenoWatson-0004365

I will be adding more photos in the next week or two, as my commercial photography has taken off and I have deadlines to meet.


Love Blackpool!

6 Replies to “Blackpool Street Photography”

  1. Great stuff ,the black and white ,shots remind me of 50s 60s images of coney island,really like them ,

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