Practice what I preach!

It has to be done!!!

I often say to friends on Flickr, it is very healthy to tidy up your gallery and get rid of photos, that just do not make the mark. I also do this in a Street photography I run Global Street Photography (GSP), where posted photos from my groups members have their photos removed, if they just don’t have enough substance, creativeness, emotion, magic, cleverness, or story to tell.

The main reason, and I practice what I preach is to keep your body of work strong. It is about being honest to yourself and listen to positive criticism too!

So I have reduced my Flickr Gallery from 743 down to 150, and I may reduce this further.

So here is my tip, remove the dead weight photos that clutter your on-line gallery, and it will strengthen your body of work.

One Reply to “Practice what I preach!”

  1. I will do this! I wasn’t to sure if it was a good ideal as some of the photo’s have a lot of views and some don’t. I am also redoing a lot of my old work as my taste have changed.

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