3 massive contradictions photographers tell you

3 massive contradictions photographers tell you.

Over the years I consistently see, read and hear so called serious amateur & professional photographers, who communicate these points, which I personally want to put right!

1. “It’s not a better camera that takes the best photos, it is you.” (Yes this can be true to an extent, yet the professionals who say this, use the one of the best cameras around).

2. “Your 50mm on a crop body will have the magnification/reach of an 80mm lens.” (A very common error, it gives you the field of view of an 80mm, NOT the magnification/zoom, it is a crop sensor because it will crop your photograph compared to fullframe sensor / 35mm film).

3. “The camera body is more important than quality glass.” (wrong! The other way about. Invest in quality glass first then upgrade your camera body in time).

This is just my honest humble opinion.

7 Replies to “3 massive contradictions photographers tell you”

  1. I agree with you here. You need the camera that best suits your needs. I need a new camera, as I’ve outgrown the one I have, but I still take good photos with it (but I could take better/different ones with a better camera). And totally agree with your number 3. It’s the lens, lens, lens. I have great (older, but still great) lenses. Without those, I couldn’t take the photos I take. Lenses are far more important than the camera. I’ll preach that until I die. And a good eye is equally important, in my opinion. Someone with the same camera and lenses doesn’t necessarily see the world the way I do. Interesting post here. šŸ™‚

  2. Camera does matter to an extent but there has to be an eye for what you’re doing and the skill to pull it off or it doesn’t matter how much it costs, it will still be a paperweight in your hands. Ah to have the money to toss like that though. šŸ˜€

    Crop factor, something many do not understand. I’m not sure that the pros try to say 50mm ‘becomes’ 80mm on a 1.6 crop [like mine] but if you were to zoom in from 50 to 80 on a ff, that is the result you would see. They do not explain this well. As a beginner I had to really suss out a good explanation sifting multiple sources and then.. it was simple.

    Lens.. I learned that when purchasing my camera body. The salesman said yes I could get a better camera body however the glass was more important than a few more mp etc. The glass goes from body to body. It’s an investment. Bodies can wear out but in general glass lasts longer.

    1. As usual ISOterica you speak a lot of sense. Thank you for your thoughts.

      Even today I read from two very well know websites, talking about a 50mm giving you the reach factor of 80mm and another statement was you 50mm becomes a small telephoto lens. lol

    2. – Hi,I came across you guy whenI was lokoing on Jeremy Cowart site Help-Portrait.I am always lokoing for new ways to improve my photography. I would love more info about your group.thanks,melissa

  3. i don’t, generally, listen to anything anyone tells me about photography. probably works against me but i’m not that fussed. buy what you can afford…shoot what you like…meh…

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