Shooting Styles

3 different shooting styles in capturing Street Photography.

I am hoping the three clips below, will give you an insight in various street shooting styles.

Bruce Gilden (With flashgun):

Garry Winogrand: (Thru the viewfinder):

Joe Wigfall: (From the hip):

Some Street photographers shoot using the only the one way, but there are many ways, each with their own pro’s and cons.

I personally enjoy capturing photos up close with a 17mm or 50mm lens and vary from shooting from the hip and using the view finder.
Which one suits you or do you just prefer a long telephoto lens and shoot from a distance?

4 Replies to “Shooting Styles”

  1. I’m a from the hip kinda guy. I find that like you I like getting the uninterrupted expressions. I still learning but that’s all part of it..

  2. Telephotolens absolutely not for street photography!!!

    The better choice is a prime lens to be immerged in the scene. Well i use now the flash in the streets with my oly pen e-p1. I look for eye contact with my subject often and after the shot it is not uncommon to stop talking with them.

    But i also shoot form the hip. I think that each technique should be known and used the best for a specific shot.

    1. Alex, do you mean ‘Normal’ or ‘Standard’ lens? Because a 85mm or 110mm telephoto lens is still a ‘prime’. I think what you mean is that a Zoom lens is not required. Please correct me if that’s not what you meant.

      1. Fixed lens the better solution. That said i consider beter the 85mm, maybe the maximum focal range, good to make “cinematic Street Photography”…110mm if we are still talkin’ about an aps-c is really exagerate.

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