Time only respects the things, that take time to do.

Ironically this is just a quick post about a topic that takes a long time, that is patience.

I almost take my camera everywhere I go, just in case that moment unfolds before my eyes, and I can capture it.
However there are many many days where I go for a long walk with the camera and I see nothing that really grabs my attention.
I still do not know if that is because it was genuinely an uneventful day or that my vision was not as sharp as my mind may be thinking of something else.

So I come home, feeling a bit down that I did not capture anything special. The thing is, the uneventful days make the eventful days more magical!
And that everyday is part of my journey to becoming a better photographer. And hunting down that photo that I had either pre-visualised or taken spontaneously.

I know deep down it takes time to be a master, and it takes time to nail that photo in mind. It takes hard work and patience.

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