Below is a mixture of behind the scenes and final shots, for The Sarah Haran photo shoot.


I would like to thank Luc Le Corre for his vision and for taking BTS footage too 🙂

Below is just a small example of the finished photo, demonstrating the handbag.

SarahHaran By Zeno Watson-2372

As you can see my very large light box backgound with vinyl train, enabled me to shoot full portrait in high key white.

SarahHaran By Zeno Watson-2395

And my Key light and fill light octaboxes, enabled me to light my subject from the front.

SarahHaran By Zeno Watson-2533

As well as how the Handbag looked on a person, we also concentrated on the function of the bag, with close detail.


And main shots of the high quality Handbags and care products

RossallShoot SH (MedRes)-2497-2

RossallShoot SH (MedRes)-2543-3

I also took some portraits of Sarah Haran

RossallShoot SH (MedRes)-2662RossallShoot SH (MedRes)-2594

I wanted to keep this post brief and not overload it with photos. This was a fantastic two day shoot, using lots of photography equipment to achieve a professional polished and clean look.

A big thank you to Sarah Haran

If you are interesting in hiring me for a styled photo shoot please contact me, by tapping here

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