It has been another very busy few months, with commercial and a few personal projects on the go.

I had the pleasure of having my photography exhibited in St Enochs, Glasgow. Part of Scotland Re:Designed and ScotStreetSyle Onward Gallery.



I have also been selling Prints to clients. And it’s beautiful seeing a richly detailed Print that is bigger and more vibrant than what we see on our phones or tablets.


It was nice to be contacted by the BBC and did a bit of TV work too and appearing on the weekend of Friday 27th January 6pm CBBC and Saturday 28th January 7pm CBBC. I will be a guest Photography judge on Sam & Marks Big Friday Wind-Up. Good fun! #BBC #CBBC #Photography #ZenoWatson


The TV Show is available online for the next few weeks and can be found by: Tapping Here


Below are some of the Street Photography shots old and new.


There are beautiful gallery quality prints I have for sale at ScotStreetStyle Onward Gallery.  Why not treat a wall in your home or office to a slice of Glasgow.

It was lovely to here feedback from @davewasabi:
“Detail of amazing photo – and incredible print – of Gardner St, Partick by @zenowatson My Granny lived there, my mum was born there. #memories #roots #tenementlife Thanks to @scotstreetstyle for the tip-off and my lovely wife for buying it. #hame #glasgow

Thank you for taking the time to look.

If you are interested to contact myself regarding hiring me for function/event photography or a portrait shoot, please tap here

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