Make-up By ZenoWatson-1824

Last week my camera and I were invited to the Metropolitan Fashion Show in Edinburgh. Below are some of the photos from the day.

GettinReady By ZenoWatson-1810
Models and make-up
Getting Ready By ZenoWatson-1769
Make-up Artist Pauline Baker

Getting Ready By ZenoWatson-1755 Make-up By ZenoWatson-1767

After make-up some of the models, began to loosen up before getting their outfits on.

CarPark Fun By ZenoWatson-1854
Sammie Hatichavadi & Paul Keenan Gettin’ Loose
KT and Zeno
KT Matsetse and Zeno

I was happy to see Model KT Matsetse again. I love KT’s energy!

Paul Keenan
Paul Keenan

I was particularly lucky to have met this fine Model and Gentleman, Paul Keenan. I knew of Paul through the #ScotStreetStyle community movement, but it was good to see and talk to this fine man, plus capture a Portrait. 🙂

Time for the Show!!

MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-2038
Designer: Siobhan MacKenzie Kilts Models: Sammie Hatchavadi & Paul Keenan
MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-2036
Designer: Siobhan MacKenzie Kilts Model: Martina Tserk
MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-2015
Model: Barbara Szcesny
MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-2008
Designer: C Watson. Model: Rosalind Main
MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-2003
Designer: C Watson. Model: Brook Watson
MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-1999
Designer: C Watson
MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-1998
Designer: C Watson
MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-1995
Designer: C Watson. Model: Klinta Tjapusina

I would like to thank Farah for making all this happen.


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