Fancy yourself as a street photographer?

If you think you have got what it takes in capturing quality Street Photography, then why not post your photos in the group I run called  Global Street Photography (GSP)

All I ask of you is to  be really honest with yourself, and ask yourself is your photo memorable, tell a story, really unique or an amazing moment caught on photo…

Photos that are NOT LIKELY to be accepted are snap shots of the backs of peoples heads, far away street shots of random people, photos of easy targets such as street performers and the vulnerable homeless. Despite being photographed on a street are just not acceptable.

I heavily moderate this group and try to accept your best work.

So only memorable and cleverly composed photographs will make the mark. Try and put some thought, feeling, creativity into your Street Photography. So if you still have what it takes, then check out, join, read rules and post.

Click link below…

Global Street Photography (GSP)

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