Photographs as they mature, become better!

When looking at old photos from late 1800’s to the 1990’s, we look at a period in time that has been captured and preserved. Even better if it is a physical photograph. Just holding that tangible piece of visual history is special!

Some of us walk about in the present time, wishing we were alive back in a certain decade, to capture that time period. We walk about the present day and we are so use to what we see, everything looks the same as the day, month or even year before. However remember this… Time does move on, in this present day whilst reading this post, it will soon become history. Inside your were you live will change, so will outside too. While you may think there is not that much to capture, there is plenty to document. Go outside and capture various streets, buildings, shops, transport and especially people.

Look at what they are doing, what they are wearing, is it the latest trend? Or is that the way individual/group dresses? Look at the technology on them, from watches, phones, music players, laptops. Go out and capture it, even though you see it everyday. Why? Time moves on you are documenting and capturing a certain period in time, that will be looked back on, like we look back on old photos of past decades and centuries. What was in abundance back then changes and become rare…

The time is now!

And remember to look after your photographs. Print your digital photos, as your hard drive will die one day, your backup CD’s & DVD’s will degrade.

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