Street Photography Challenge!

You decide!!!

Ok I enjoy a challenge when it comes to street photography, but I am going to let YOU decide what my challenge is.

The only way I will accept your suggestion/challenge, is to leave a comment here and I will see what I can do, within reason…

9 Replies to “Street Photography Challenge!”

    1. A good suggestion Ryan, although can you picture me asking a complete stranger to empty their contents, so I can get a photo in Glasgow. Never say never we will see what happens. Cheers!

  1. Take the highest perspective and the lowest perspective photos of someone or somewhere ! Good luck should you accept this challenge. This note will self destruct in 17 seconds !

  2. Photograph the full range of human emotion over the course of a single day (you may have to take the day off work for this one)… joy, sorrow, frustration, amusement etc. on the faces of the people of the city of your choice.

  3. Ryan, Rob, Maisie & Paul in the up and coming weeks I will be focusing on the challenges you have all set me, it is appreciated!

    I am also opened to more challenges too.


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