Nikon D800 & D800E Announced!

It is now official, the D800 & D800E has been announced.

Ready to be shipped by the end of March, the 36.3MP Full frame Nikon D800, now replaces the D700. And whilst it has more or less the same ISO as the D700. The D800 looks to be a different camera altogether, with it almost bordering on the medium format territory and perhaps geared more towards studio use.

The Nikon D800 and D800E differences are that the D800E will have the anti-aliasing filter removed, allowing the raw light to make direct contact with the sensor. This should improve the image quality but will come at a premium of £200-300 more than the D800 body.

Jessops are now accepting pre-orders at £2399.95 for the D800 and £2689.95 for the D800E (Priced on the 7th Feb 2012).

For photographer who are looking to make the jump into Full Frame, the second market for D700 should be pretty amazing from now in. However if you are hoping to make a living from photography and video is also high on your list then the Nikon D800 should be considered. I would not expect the price of a new D700 to drop much, so don’t expect massive discounts from retailers on a new D700, but the second hand market yes expect some great deals.

Full D800 Spec:

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