2012 A fine year for photographers!

2012 promises to be a fine year for new and second hand cameras.

We can look forward to:


New Flagship DSLR’s:

Canon 1D X

Nikon D4


New Flagship compact / mirrorless:

Canon G1 X

FujiFilm X Pro 1

Nikon 1

New Fullframe Professional DSLR’s:

Canon 5D Mkiii      To be announced 1st week of March

Nikon D800


New Fullframe Rangefinder:

Leica M10?


As well as all these exciting new camera each with their own strengths and weakness, we can also look forward to a drop in the price of second hand quality cameras. And remember it is never too late to try out Analog film photography to with great cameras of the past, that can still produce stunning photos.

The two cameras I am personally excited about it the Canon 5D Mkii replacement and the FujiFilm X Pro 1.

What are your thoughts and plans in regards to camera bodies, new or second hand in 2012?

Or are you just satisfied with what you have?

7 Replies to “2012 A fine year for photographers!”

  1. I’m looking at the G1 X to replace my G9. I use my compact as a backup to my DSLR so I’ve discounted the X Pro 1 as I really don’t want to have to start buying another set of lenses; plus I want something that’s as small as possible for carrying around. The sample shots I’ve seen so far suggest the 1.5″ sensor in the G1 X is pretty good and comparable to an APS-C.

    1. The Canon G1 X does look like a decent little camera and the 1.5 sensor coupled the new Digic 5 processor, I am sure it will produce some super results Roj. I would like to get my hands on one of them or the new FujiFilm X-Pro 1. I know where you are coming from in it buying a new set of lenses, although the 18mm F2 itself would keep me happy.

    1. Class Simon! I have a very soft spot for the Leica M3 and M6, both classics and bang for buck. I hope you do buy an M6, as I can see film photography has really captured your heart and mind. Rangefinders are special for street and documentary photography aren’t they Simon?

      1. From my experience with my trusty FED2, as a photographer you feel a connection throughout the whole photo taking process with rangefinders, seeing the subject in frame, manually lining up the focal planes and the mechanical shutter sound giving life to the film. And yes the simplicity and the purity.

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