A short documentary of me going about my street photography.

This is just to give you an idea of a typical day of me photographing in the Streets of Glasgow. Best viewed on Full screen and on HD.

Filmed and edited by Scott Houston.

Below are some of the photos from this particular photo shoot

If you would like me to make more videos or share tips let me know?

6 Replies to “Zeno Watson [Street Photography]”

      1. Haha… to be honest, I’m having a hard time understanding what you were saying. That’s probably because I’m not native to English, though…

        Nevertheless, I think action speaks louder than words… so, no worries :-).

  1. You have a strong accent, but then I probably would to you 🙂 Loved this however and wow I am envious of your skill tilting the camera this way and that and still getting your shots. I would have totally missed my marks. I know, practice..

    1. Thanks Isoterica, It has taken a while to master shooting from the hip/chest, and like you say plenty of practice. 🙂

      Always interested in what you have to say here and on other web pages you have commented in.

      All the best! Z

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