2 new Pro DSLR’s soon to be announced.

It looks like October will be the month. šŸ™‚

The very strong rumours suggest Nikon will be announcing the D800 and Canon announcing a new body for the 1D series in October.

Are you excited? Do you care? Are you happy with what you have got?
Or are you like me and waiting on the 5D MKii replacement?

2 Replies to “2 new Pro DSLR’s soon to be announced.”

  1. The D800 sounds nice, but when it comes to DSLRs I’m happy with my D90 .
    I am thinking about getting a Leica M6 or similar though, as I’ve started to shoot more film lately. And Leica has always been sort of a dream camera for me. I’ll never be able to afford the M9. M6 feels like a more realistic goal.

    1. Film will always be special Simon, and even more special with a Leica. I have been keeping tabs myself on various M3’s and M6’s and until I get my hands on one, I will enjoy using my trusty FED2 rangefinder.

      Digitally I am excited about the High ISO low noise and hopefully better dynamic range of the new Pro DSLR’s. And push my creative boundaries further.

      Let’s make our dreams reality soon!

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