ZW-SP S01 E02 (Street Portraiture)

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*** Sorry for the sound quality*** The GoPro camera was in a protected case, therefore the sound is muffled.

Episode 2… Part of a series of small quick clips to give you ideas and to show how I go about the different aspects of Street photography. This clip shows how I capture portraits of the public, asking for permission and directing them. The video was shot on a very wide angled lens compared to my Photo camera lens, so there will be a difference in field of view.


Improving confidence in Street Portaiture

June 15, 2013 § 2 Comments

Glasgow Mela in on this weekend (Sat&Sun) 12-8pm at Kelvingrove Park. Apart from watching this cool culture event. As a photographer who may be scared of capturing portraits of strangers; as in approaching the subject and asking for permission. This could be an introduction to practice your craft. At any festivals / gatherings. People are more socially open, so you should improve your confidence, communication and technique at these kind of events before taking stranger portraits on the streets. Just a tip!

Here are some photos I had taken last year.

By Zeno Watson

By Zeno Watson


By Zeno Watson


By Zeno Watson


By Zeno Watson


By Zeno Watson

Approach the people whom you find interesting. Introduce yourself, tell them what you find amazing about them. Talk to them about their image, interest, hobby / profession. Ask to take their portrait. If they so “no”, that is the worst that can happen. If they say “yes” you capture them, and thank them. Smile! Be relaxed and be yourself, if you are nervous they may sense it. If you love, love photography! Then you should be relaxed and happy.

Another good tip especially if you are like me, and always shoot manual; is to have your camera setting ready to shoot. So you are not fumbling about with the buttons/dials when photographing a person, taking up a lot of their time.

After you have captured their Portrait. It is entirely up to you, if you want to show them the photo on the LCD screen (if digital), ask for their email to post them the photo you taken, and if photography is your business, then perhaps give them a business card.

Once you become comfortable in your technical skills, then you should try and be creative. Direct your subject to look in to the lens or look away from the camera. Choice of shot full body, 3/4 or headshot. Ask them to pose a certain way. The list goes on and on.

Remember there are people who say you can’t and people who say you can, both are right! No excuses, get out there and capture the photos.

Street Portraiture

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Just some of my recent Street Portraitures.


IMG_5151-2 IMG_6213-2

IMG_7463 IMG_7466 IMG_7468 IMG_0084 IMG_4053-3


Whilst I enjoy shooting street photography, I equally street portraitures, as there are often times when the person is just too interesting. And a more direct connection through communication is needed,  to ask a stranger to pose for you, and even a little about themselves.


Street Portraiture V’s Street Photography

May 12, 2012 § 3 Comments

Is there a difference… Yes!

I was out for a few hours in the streets of Glasgow today, capturing the public going about their life. I vary from shooting through the view finder to shooting from the hip when capturing people, and aim for an unposed / natural photo, such as the photo below.

However I was not satisfied with this Street Photography capture above, and I had to make a split second decision there and then, in speaking to this chap as he quickly walked past.

I have to stress he was not promoting anything or a street entertainer. I said to him that I am sorry to disturb him, but that he looked dapper, and would he mind me taking his photo. He kindly agreed, but gave me the impression he was in a bit of a rush, giving me a couple of seconds and permission to capture his portrait as seen below.

There are just times when a portrait of a stranger with their permission is just a stronger photo. It is up to you as a Street Photographer to know when to do Street Photography and when to do Street Portraiture.

Some people may have a problem with me capture a photo of them without permission, and some people have a problem with a posed shot. I don’t care… It is the visualisation and photo I am interested in, at the end of the day.

For the Street Photographers who do not like to confront strangers, I say you need to get out your comfort zone. So long as you are being nice and honest, the majority of strangers will allow you to take photograph. And if they refuse then walk on and do not give up on asking someone else.

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