New Monitor and sepia tone problem

January 29, 2013 § 1 Comment

I recently purchased a new LED Monitor as it was time to upgrade from the old CRT one. And to cut a long story short I was finding my photographs where having a sepia tinge/tone when viewing them on screen, even though I did not add any post effect other than black and white. I tried calibrating my monitor, but then found that the RAW photograph being viewed in my Adobe Lightroom when exported as a jpeg, it looked different when previewed windows photo viewer. Also my photos where too high in contrast as well.

The solution was…

to open control panel:
– look for for colour management
– go to change “advanced” colour┬ámanagement
– go to tab “all profiles”
– at the bottom of the list under “ICC profiles”, there should be a profile that is called sRGB IEC61966-2.1. If there is not, then add it.
– If there is another profile for display listed, like “your monitor name” profile, delete it

Now my whites are looking white again, and not sepia.

If you have this problem I hope it helps.

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