The importance of a photograph!

June 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

When everything else has gone, you still have a photograph

This is a short but very poignant post, a true story that could be anyone of us…

I was at an event recently, a family gathering where I knew the family well. It was a perfect scene of a really happy family. I am always thinking of the future… So I asked the head of the family would they like a natural unposed group photo of all the family together in such happy times. The response I got from one of the parents was they where not looking my best right now.

I naturally respected their opinion even though I thought they looked good. The really sad thing is in 30+ years from now, when the parents and the kids are all grown older. I am sure in time they may regret a little vanity for a perfect family group photo, that captured the magical time that cannot be captured again.

Time moves on,  and we all get older, but at least we have a printed photograph to remind us and our future generations the way it was.

The importance of a photograph!

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