Exposure Exhibition

February 9, 2018 § Leave a comment

I am looking forward to being part of, and displaying an exhibition of my “Strong Spirits” Parkour Photography.

Exposure 11Feb2017 Glasgow

EXPOSURE: Exploring Glasgow’s Underground Through a Lens

11th February 2018 // 5pm-10pm
The Old Hairdressers, 27 Renfield Lane, Glasgow.

Non ticket just an Entry fee: £1
All Proceeds will be donated to charity.

A pop-up, one-day exhibition which focuses on local talented photographers showing unique and innovative perspectives of the city of Glasgow through their lenses. We argue that “Underground Makes Glasgow” – that is the celebration of the different, the unseen, along with varying other aspects of the city which are not commonly witnessed.


The night was a great success with an attendance of 335.


Big thanks to @smurph77 for the photo magic in the group shot. Thank you to all who attended. Thank you to my Parkour family, my Photography peers, good friends and Instagram friends who took the time to visit and say hi.

Robbie Griffith Photo shoot

May 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

I was fortunate to be hired, to do another photo shoot with the UK’s finest young Parkour athlete Robbie Griffith, at the Clydeside in Glasgow, around 6:30 in the morning.

Robbir Griffith By Zeno Watson-6913

The early rise allowed us to shoot in the morning light in the quietness.

Robbie Griffith By Zeno Watson-7014

I used a lower shutter speed to add some motion to the photo, so the viewer could have a sense of motion.

Robbie Griffith By Zeno Watson-7019

It is photo shoots like this I am happy that I photograph completely in Manual setting, which allow me to have full control of what I want to achieve from the photo, and not letting the camera guess for me.

Robbie Griffith By Zeno Watson-7011

Robbie is a true professional, he is far capable of higher, more dramatic and complex moves, but allowed me to keep it simple, for this particular fresh and vivid shoot.

Robbie Griffith By Zeno Watson-7022

I used a mixture of natural back or side light from the Sun with a medium softbox as a fill light.

If you are interested in hiring me for a photo shoot, please tap here.


Robbie Griffith Photo shoot

March 26, 2015 § 2 Comments

Below are some photos I was hired to capture of young Robbie Griffith in action.


RobbieGriffith-7652 RobbieGriffith-7725 RobbieGriffith-7752 RobbieGriffith-7757

Robbie’s Parkour skills are well known over UK, Europe and USA. Recently Robbie has been modelling and acting.


It was a real pleasure to be involved in his journey, as the future is bright for this hard working young Scottish man.


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“Blueprint” Directed and devised by David Banks

Photography by Zeno Watson


Performed and devised by:

Nina Ballantyne Dawson Scott, Iain McDonald, Sam McFarlane, Connor McIlraith, Holly Waller, Fiona Boyd & Scott McKenzie

Strong Spirits

February 3, 2013 § 10 Comments

This is a small video I made, documenting the Parkour Practioners, training near ground level at Anderson Annex in Glasgow. By having a strong spirit and working on repetition, enables the practioners to perfect their technical skills before taking it higher.

Film and Photography by Zeno Watson


Below are some of my photographs from the on-line film.

IMG_1075 IMG_1084 IMG_1088 IMG_1096 IMG_1098 IMG_1148 IMG_1153 IMG_1154 IMG_1169

Glasgow Parkour Girls

January 26, 2013 § 2 Comments

Below are some of my most recently captured photos of  the Girls Parkour Class, that Glasgow Parkour Coaching teach.

These young woman train hard in the freezing cold night, but their strong spirit, bond as a team and determination to improve their physical and mental strength is to be admired.

Glasgow Parkour Girls Glasgow Parkour Girls Glasgow Parkour Girls Glasgow Parkour Girls

For more of my photography work I do for Glasgow Parkour Coaching, please check out their Tumblr Page. If you are interested in learning Parkour regardless of age, gender or fitness experience check out Glasgow Parkour Coaching page.

If you are interested in me capturing your hobby, lifestyle or what you do for a living. I am available for hire, contact me at zenowatson@yahoo.com 

Human Kinetic

September 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

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