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This week I returned to my photographic roots to the photogenic City of Paris, where I have spent the last week capturing some Paris spirit.

I was looking at my old film negatives from Paris 2002, and comparing them to the type of photos I have taken this week. It is refreshing to see an improvement on all aspects of my photography, such as lighting, better composition, creativity and being more daring in the street photography side.

My initial Street Photography started in Paris back in 2008, so it was good to shoot some street again there, as well as the touristy photos. When packing my camera gear, I decided to only take 1 camera and 2 lenses (35mm F1.4 & 17-40mm L F4), to keep it light and simple. My favourite lens that I am using at the moment is the Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM on my full frame camera.

Below are some of the photographs I captured and I will be sending off to the lab to be printed today, as I am a strongĀ advocateĀ of printing your photos and not having them just stored up on a disc or on chip.

IMG_2530 IMG_2574 IMG_2581 IMG_2621 IMG_2628 IMG_2659 IMG_2665 IMG_2703IMG_2667IMG_2710

Paris, Portrait of a City (book review)

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Every couple of months I buy a book or two on photography.

The books are more on the masterful photographer’s work, rather than how to books. It is here I analyse, digest, and brainstorm. The books I purchase apart from supporting the photographer and book seller, give me ideas that enable me to push my abilities, from where I may likely fail, but learn from. This helps me to learn and continue to push. And the more I work on this cycle the more I improve and get it right first time due to experience.

There are times though, where I just like to look at a great book on photography with a beverage and just enjoy it. And my most recent purchase was “Paris, Portrait of a City”

This worthy any extraordinary book really is the essence of what Paris has and still is all about. The 544 pages cover all themes and topics from history, street photography, documentary, fashion, architecture personal portraits and that certain Je ne sais quoi?

This book makes a credible coffee table book, but yearns to be viewed over and over all A4 sized 544 pages.

If you cannot afford to buy this book, then ask for it, for your birthday, Christmas or special occasional. If you enjoy photography in it’s purest form then I highly recommend this book.

Paris, Portrait of a City
(Author, Editor) Jean-Claude Gautrand
ISBN-10: 3836502933
ISBN-13: 978-3836502931

I am not sponsored but just a hard working photographer passing my honest, unbiased, opinion.

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