Examples of my work for the Scottish Ballet

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I am now into my 20th year as a photographer and still as passionate about my craft today. The Original photos that caught Lorraine’s attention, was a project I did in 2013, that I called Parkour DNA. It was a portrait of Parkour practitioner’s and objects that the person always had on them or felt defined by them.


Since 2013 my photography skills have improved in terms of lighting, posing and have more depth and soul to them. Below is just some portraits I have done in the past month in my latest Project.

Alan McPhillips By Zeno Watson-3997Alan McPhillips By Zeno Watson-4112Barry Gillespie By Zeno Watson-3959Barry Gillespie By Zeno Watson-3987Colin MacKean By Zeno Watson-4698Colin MacKean By Zeno Watson-4775Kai Manak By Zeno Watson-3392-2Kai Manak By Zeno Watson-3405Kai Manak By Zeno Watson-3409


I also have experience working with Kids from my parkour Coaching days and experience taking photos of kids with my 5 year old and 2 years daughters. Which has taught me to be patient and communicate at a fun level.

My Girls By Zeno Watson-7326My Girls By Zeno Watson-7372Soph-0292The Girls By Zeno Watson-3640The Girls-2647

As well as portraits I am very competent at shooting candid from the likes of Street Photography and I am having my £3 Exhibition on May 31st, 6:30pm at The Old Hairdressers in Renfield Lane, Glasgow (opposite/facing Stereo).

I also shoot events, which has taught me to capture the moment, with my most recent being Business Woman Scotland (Women in Hospitality and Tourism Awards 2019) that was held at Waldorf Astoria on May 16th.


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