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This is a portfolio of various special events I have worked on or been hired to capture.

Avenue Q (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, theatre production)


Scott Houston (Merchant City Festival)

Scott Houston 2014MerchantCity-4267ScottHouston 2014MerchantCity-3862Scott Houston 2014MerchantCity-4142Scott Houston 2014MerchantCity-4314ScottHouston 2014MerchantCity-3923

John & Francine (Wedding Day)

JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3176JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3199JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3220JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3235JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3504JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3489JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3434JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3545JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3579JohnFrancine Wedding _ ZenoWatson-3663

Scot Street Style (Gather in Edinburgh)

SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1161

SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1179

SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1193SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1206SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1210

SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1255SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1262SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1265

SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1300

SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1310

SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1326SSS TG8 by ZenoWatson-1402

SSS TG8-1411


Metropolitan Fashion Show (Behind the scenes and Catwalk)

CarPark Fun  By ZenoWatson-1854Getting Ready  By ZenoWatson-1777Getting Ready  By ZenoWatson-1769GettinReady By ZenoWatson-1810Make-up By ZenoWatson-1767

Paul Keenan By ZenoWatson-1844

MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-2015MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-2008MetropolitanFS By ZenoWatson-2003

Wear Eponymous at Princess Square, Glasgow (Fashion Event)

Wear Eponymous (MedRes)-3214Highlands By Zeno Watson-3216Highlands By Zeno Watson-3246Wear Eponymous (MedRes)-3287


Lux at Rox at Argyll Arcade, Glasgow (Designer Event)

Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7858Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7824Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7785Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7766Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7710Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7696Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7679Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7648Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7628Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7606Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7590Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7779Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7777Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7770Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7585Lux at Rox by Zeno Watson-7812


50th Wedding Anniversary


As you can see there is a wide range of photography skills needed at various events. There is no dressed rehearsal, and timing is paramount. Where one off moments are caught, beautiful portraits are made, rare group shots captured and still detailed photos are taken. My style covers both natural light and flash.

My work can be seen:

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