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I mentioned this in my Twitter, but will expand a little here:

To all photographers out there, if you feel down and your work is not good enough, this means your close to upping your level very soon. Do not become disheartened… Study classic paintings, devour photo books, watch YouTube videos on real photographer (not those YouTube so called photographers who pimp T-shirts and gear!!!) They will only have you chasing gear etc, and make you feel down in the long-run. You want to chase photos instead!

You plateau will soon end and more progression is on the way.

Stick in there!


Stew Bryden Photo shoot

May 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Below are some photos from a photo shoot I captured of fashion photographer Stew Bryden, for Scot Street Style.

StewBryden_ZenoWatson-5280StewBryden_ZenoWatson-5287 StewBryden_ZenoWatson-5266StewBryden_ZenoWatson-5233StewBryden_ZenoWatson-5221

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Sound To Sea

May 24, 2015 § 1 Comment

Some photos from Cryptic Nights event “Sound To Sea”. Which I was hired to capture the rehearsals, that where going to take place at night on the river Clyde in Glasgow. My work for Cryptic Night was originally in colour, however I also love the black and white versions as it was a very moody steel sky with pockets of light bursting through.

CalltoSea_ZenoWatson-4087-2 CalltoSea_ZenoWatson-4005 CalltoSea_ZenoWatson-3992 CalltoSea_ZenoWatson-3985

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Glasgow in the Rain

May 10, 2015 § 2 Comments

While waiting for sunny weather to complete my commission in Edinburgh, I thought I would post some recent photos of Glasgow in the Rain.

GlasgowRain ZenoWatson-0002211 GlasgowRain ZenoWatson-0002201 GlasgowRain ZenoWatson-0002184 GlasgowRain ZenoWatson-0002179 GlasgowRain-ZenoWatson-0002141 ZenoWatson Droplets-0002125

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Greig Paterson Photo shoot

April 16, 2015 § 2 Comments

Below are a sample of the portrait photos, I recently captured of male model Greig Paterson

GreigPaterson Med-8976 GreigPaterson Med-8964

As you can see, we had great photo shoot on the streets of sunny Glasgow. I have to admit Greig Paterson is a top man to work with his modelling experience and sharp wit!GreigPaterson Med-8939 GreigPaterson Med-8918

GreigPaterson By ZenoWatson-8981 GreigPaterson By ZenoWatson-8944 GreigPaterson By ZenoWatson-8926-2

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Tommy Cairns photo shoot

April 3, 2015 § Leave a comment

I had the pleasure in meeting and capturing the portrait of Tommy Cairns, in his home town. Below are some photos from the day.


I started off with a 3 light flash set-up, as I wanted to created a strong portrait of this fine man.

We soon moved to natural light…

TommyCairns Medium-7959 (2)TommyCairns Medium-7938 (2)TommyCairns Medium-7935 (2)TommyCairns Medium-7992 (2)TommyCairns Medium-8007-4 (2)

I would like to thank Tommy for his warmth and wisdom. Apart from me taking photos, Tommy Cairns is a talented and well established photographer himself. We talked in depth about photography without talking about photography equipment, my kind of conversation.


If you like what you see above, I am available for hire, click here

Robbie Griffith Photo shoot

March 26, 2015 § 2 Comments

Below are some photos I was hired to capture of young Robbie Griffith in action.


RobbieGriffith-7652 RobbieGriffith-7725 RobbieGriffith-7752 RobbieGriffith-7757

Robbie’s Parkour skills are well known over UK, Europe and USA. Recently Robbie has been modelling and acting.


It was a real pleasure to be involved in his journey, as the future is bright for this hard working young Scottish man.


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