Sound to Sea

August 9, 2014 § 2 Comments

Last week I was hired to photograph for Cryptic on their grand production of Sound to Sea which was on the banks of the river Clyde in Glasgow.

Below are just some of the photos of Beat boxer Bigg Taj on the Wee Spark, and musician Rachel Sermanni on the White Wing, from their daytime rehearsals.


SoundToSea_BiggTaj Medium-3999 SoundToSea_BiggTaj Medium-4005-2 SoundToSea_BiggTaj Medium-4010 SoundToSea_RachelSermanni Medium-4089 SoundToSea_Serco Medium-4047


At night time here is what the show looked like

If you would like to hire me, please contact me by clicking here

Be sure to follow Cryptic on Twitter as they always put on the most unique of audio and visual experiences


Scott Houston

August 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

I was recently hired by Scott Houston to capture his performance “The Desk” as part of the “Surge Festival” in the Merchant City, Glasgow.


Below are some of the photos capturing this man’s creative talent.

ScottHouston 2014MerchantCity-3842Scott Houston 2014MerchantCity-4130 Scott Houston 2014MerchantCity-4142 Scott Houston 2014MerchantCity-4267 ScottHouston 2014MerchantCity-3862 ScottHouston 2014MerchantCity-3923 Scott Houston 2014MerchantCity-4314ScottHouston 2014MerchantCity-3948

If you would like to see more of what Scott Houston does with story telling movement he can be found at:




Twitter: @iamscotthouston


If you would like to hire me to capture what you do for a living, then please contact me.

Scot Street Style

July 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

I have been recently involved behind the scenes, working with Creative Director Alisa Anderson @Alisa_Anderson, Filmmaker Paul Sayer . With myself Photographing Gordon J Millar, founder of Scot Street Style. @ScotStreetStyle #scotstreetstyle

Gordon is a key figure head in building a global community to capture essence of Scottish style/character. His energy can be found;

Twitter: @ScotStreetStyle



There is a saying “surround yourself with people you aspire to” and that is true of the people I have mentioned above. All creative, humble, positive with boundless energy.

It was good to mix up my shooting styles; with my usual candid shots with my more personal Portrait work too.




I am currently working on another project with these talented people over the coming weeks.ScotStreetStyle-Teaser-2932

Glasgow – In a minute

July 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

On the streets of Glasgow…



Best viewed on full screen and HD 1080 setting.

On the Streets of Glasgow

June 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

I have had a little more time from my commercial work to focus on my Street Photography. I have tried to get closer to my subjects.

SP June2014 ZW-0000139 SP June2014 ZW-0000151 SP June2014 ZW-0000174 SP June2014 ZW-0000217 SP June2014 ZW-0000246

Glasgow School of Art blaze

May 24, 2014 § 4 Comments

Below are some heart breaking photos of a fire that ripped through one of Glasgow’s most iconic building’s. The good news is no one was killed, the sad sad news is a lot of history has been destroyed, such as artwork, interior design, books, original furniture and students installations. A part of Glasgow died on the 23rd May 2014.


ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2694 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2698 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2711 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2717 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2731 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2736 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2742 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2745-2

My thoughts are with the Students, Staff and all who are involved with Glasgow School of Art. Thanks to the brave firefighters!!


I look forward to the day this European Architectural masterpiece by Charles Rennie MacIntosh, is restored to it’s Glory, and make Glasgow smile once again!

The photo below showed a simple but meaningful token of appreciation to the fire-fighters who had to tackle the blaze in a unique way to try and save as much as possible.

ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2746

The fire-fighters managed to save 90% of the building and 70% of the buildings contents, while risking their lives.

Film Noir style photo shoot with Alisa Anderson

May 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

Just a little taster from a Film Noir style photo shoot, I did recently with the talented @Alisa_Anderson

AlisaAnderson FilmNoir TestShot-2362-2 AlisaAnderson_Noir-2500 AlisaAnderson_Noir-2616 AlisaAnderson_Noir-2594

These test shots are part of an up and coming project, that the both of us will be working through out the year.


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