Glasgow Parkour Coaching

March 30, 2014 § 1 Comment

Just some photos I captured from Glasgow Parkour’s Coaching birthday Jam

IMG_1934 IMG_1950 IMG_1956

Busy two months

March 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

I have not posted any new work, but have been busy. I was commissioned at the beginning of the the year by D.J Alexander to capture characteristics of Glasgow and it’s surrounding neighbourhoods. The weather has been awful, but forced me to be creative, as well as bring all my photography experience to the table. I have spent February and March capturing photos from various neighbourhoods, covering culture, leisure, architecture and street photography.

Below is just a photo to give you a flavour of what I have been photographing, as the deadline is near, in case you were wondering why I was so quiet.


Partick by Zeno Watson

Partick by Zeno Watson

First photo shoot of 2014

January 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

Happy New year folks! First photo shoot of 2014, and it is an environmental portraits and documentary photography of Scott Houston. To capture Scott going about his training in his environment.  This photo shoot is for Scott to document his training, from the details in his movement, form and for promotional material for his teaching seminars, such as the one in CrossFit Glasgow Febuary 2014.

Below are some photos from the photo session.

ScottHouston CrossFit-0343 ScottHouston CrossFit-0363 ScottHouston CrossFit-0404 ScottHouston CrossFit-0411 ScottHouston CrossFit-0450 ScottHouston CrossFit-0479 ScottHouston CrossFit-0490 ScottHouston CrossFit-0511

More info on what Scott Houston does and is up to can be found on:





If you would like a photo shoot in your working/training environment. Whether to document, capture you in your prime, to promote yourself or business. I am available for hire and can be contacted by email: or on by direct message on Twitter :

Life Photographer (Part 2)

January 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

2013 had been an amazing year and I met some truly talented people, below are some highlights

PART 2 (2013)

PART 1 (2012)

Scott Houston photo shoot

December 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Scott Houston hired me recently to capture the moments of him being lost in pure movement. This was an exciting photo shoot, as I can see Scott pushing boundaries from a fusion of disciplines such as Parkour, Ballet, Dance, Martial Arts, B-Boy and so on…

IMG_0007 IMG_0053 IMG_0060 IMG_9939 IMG_9948 IMG_9971 IMG_9974 IMG_9997

For more info on Scott Houston, including his latest video “Alive” be sure to check out his:



Twitter: @iamscotthouston



The Royal Wedding Party

November 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

On April 29th 2011, there was illegal party held in the Kelvingrove park in Glasgow. It was in celebration for William and Kate getting married. A party despite turning very wild in the evening, restored my faith in the Glaswegian gallas spirit. It was only illegal because the organisers were not granted permission from the city council. During the day all walks of life attended and had a good knees up, although by the evening, it did end up a bit of a battle field.

Below are some of the photos I captured of the party spirit.

IMG_6035 IMG_6036 IMG_6043 TIFF IMG_6045 IMG_6082 IMG_6101 IMG_6132 IMG_6138 IMG_6142 IMG_6151 IMG_6157 IMG_6179 IMG_6190 IMG_6193 IMG_6214 IMG_6227 IMG_6232 IMG_6244 IMG_6317

Back to my roots

November 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I went back to my photographic roots, with Architectural photography. To the same place it all began some 13+ years ago with my old film SLR, but this time with my Digital SLR. On a very similar type of winter’s day, of cold clear winter sunshine. That rich golden light, with long shadows due to the Sun’s low position in the sky during winter in Glasgow, Scotland.

I am very fortunate to be a paid freelance photographer, but it also nice to just get out and capture photos for myself, with gorgeous natural light and no pressure. I count myself lucky, that on a day off from work, I still love to go out and shoot photos, with the same passion, care and attention.

I have posted below some photographs from yesterday.


IMG_9584 IMG_9590 IMG_9603 IMG_9622 IMG_9625 IMG_9631 IMG_9635 IMG_9643


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