Scot Street Style

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I have been recently involved behind the scenes, working with Creative Director Alisa Anderson @Alisa_Anderson, Filmmaker Paul Sayer . With myself Photographing Gordon J Millar, founder of Scot Street Style. @ScotStreetStyle #scotstreetstyle

Gordon is a key figure head in building a global community to capture essence of Scottish style/character. His energy can be found;

Twitter: @ScotStreetStyle



There is a saying “surround yourself with people you aspire to” and that is true of the people I have mentioned above. All creative, humble, positive with boundless energy.

It was good to mix up my shooting styles; with my usual candid shots with my more personal Portrait work too.




I am currently working on another project with these talented people over the coming weeks.ScotStreetStyle-Teaser-2932

Glasgow – In a minute

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On the streets of Glasgow…



Best viewed on full screen and HD 1080 setting.

On the Streets of Glasgow

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I have had a little more time from my commercial work to focus on my Street Photography. I have tried to get closer to my subjects.

SP June2014 ZW-0000139 SP June2014 ZW-0000151 SP June2014 ZW-0000174 SP June2014 ZW-0000217 SP June2014 ZW-0000246

Glasgow School of Art blaze

May 24, 2014 § 4 Comments

Below are some heart breaking photos of a fire that ripped through one of Glasgow’s most iconic building’s. The good news is no one was killed, the sad sad news is a lot of history has been destroyed, such as artwork, interior design, books, original furniture and students installations. A part of Glasgow died on the 23rd May 2014.


ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2694 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2698 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2711 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2717 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2731 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2736 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2742 ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2745-2

My thoughts are with the Students, Staff and all who are involved with Glasgow School of Art. Thanks to the brave firefighters!!


I look forward to the day this European Architectural masterpiece by Charles Rennie MacIntosh, is restored to it’s Glory, and make Glasgow smile once again!

The photo below showed a simple but meaningful token of appreciation to the fire-fighters who had to tackle the blaze in a unique way to try and save as much as possible.

ZenoWatson GSofA Blaze-2746

The fire-fighters managed to save 90% of the building and 70% of the buildings contents, while risking their lives.

Film Noir style photo shoot with Alisa Anderson

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Just a little taster from a Film Noir style photo shoot, I did recently with the talented @Alisa_Anderson

AlisaAnderson FilmNoir TestShot-2362-2 AlisaAnderson_Noir-2500 AlisaAnderson_Noir-2616 AlisaAnderson_Noir-2594

These test shots are part of an up and coming project, that the both of us will be working through out the year.

Streets of Glasgow

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IMG_2403 IMG_5031 IMG_8098 IMG_9282 IMG_9287 IMG_9295-2 IMG_9372 Pigeons IMG_0342


More of my Streets of Glasgow can be found by clicking here

Glasgow Parkour Coaching

March 30, 2014 § 3 Comments

Just some photos I captured from Glasgow Parkour’s Coaching birthday Jam

IMG_1934 IMG_1950 IMG_1956


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